LDr. Caldwell, DDS

LIntroducing Dr. Michelle Caldwell, DDS

Born and raised in South Dakota. My family continues to reside in South Dakota where I still love to visit as often as possible. I did my undergrad work in South Dakota and in Nebraska. I attended dental school in Omaha, at Creighton University Dental School. I graduated in 2001 (cum laude )and practiced in South Dakota for about 9 months before deciding to have my own practice which I purchased in June of 2002 in Denver.

I feel very blessed in the fact that I don't feel as though I have a job. I get to spend everyday with my friends (patients) while doing my favorite hobby (dentisty). I truly love what I do and taking care of my patients. I do continuing education on a very regular basis in order to keep up with all the changes taking place in the field of dentistry. I also feel that it is my duty as a practitioner to do this for my patients.

I do almost all of my own work in my office on my own patients. This means far less referrals to other dental specialists and being able to treat my patients myself. I routinely perform extractions (including what most other general dentist send to oral surgeons to extract)offer a nurse anesthetist for sedation, have placed implants for over 10 years, do all Root Canals (including molar teeth, that again are usually referred to an endodontist by most general dentists) as well as my own prosthesis (dentures/crowns/bridges) and periodontal surgery.

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